Cargo and Bed Slides

Why break your back getting supplies and materials out of your truck when you don't have to? Brown's Truck Accessories Inc carries a wide selection of cargo and bed slides for easy cargo access.

They are available for all types of trucks. We carry CargoGlide and Bedslide brands that you can pull out 70% or 100% extension. They have a 1,000 lb - 2,200 lb weight rating. Additionally, we have DEKED weatherproof bed storage units with pull out drawers that hold 200 lbs in each drawer.

With the deck/top boxes you can put 2,000 lbs of weight on them. With our bed slides, you will have a 70% or 100% extension with a 1,000 lb - 2,200 lb weight rating. All units are USA made with easy cargo access.
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We are a family-owned and operated business since 1986 and are members of the Better Business Bureau.

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